Need to revamp your website or create one? We create, design, and maintain quality, captivating, user-friendly websites customized to your brand.​ Let us design your website to showcase your brand across the web and increase company visibility and audience perception.

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Carina Media Services



Why do you  need a website?

  • 75% of a company's credibility is based on its website design.

  • 94% of users state web design is the reason they mistrust a website.

  • To attract your target market, increase brand awareness, and reach a larger audience, you need a central hub where people can learn about your brand, have their questions answered, and gain a positive perception all while easily navigating and engaging on a captivating and user-friendly site. 


With our knowledge and skills, we create and design quality, engaging, attractive websites customized to your brand. Let us professionally design your website, so you stand out from the rest of the online world.


Our Hosting Plans provide stability and security leaving you with peace of mind knowing your website is well taken care of and protected. Domains are safeguarded and kept private.

Difference Between Hosting & Domain

• Hosting: The House (place your website & its contents exist on the Internet.)

• Domain: The Address (directs people to your site.)


We keep your site user-friendly, professional, and up-to-date. We also give the option to pay as needed* if you don't need updates, support, or don't want us monitoring your site to make sure it is functioning correctly.

*some sites are required to have us maintain it due to advanced coding


All Websites Include SSL Certification/HTTPS (Secure and Safeguarded Connection), professional design, basic SEO set-up (keywords included), and device optimization.

Some feature options:

  • Blogs

  • Photo & Video Galleries

  • Podcasts

  • Events

  • Classes

  • Booking

  • Testimonial Slides

  • FAQ Dropdowns

  • Email Subscriptions

  • Custom Forms

  • Online Chat

  • ECommerce

  • Forums

  • Memberships/Subscriptions

  • Price Plans

  • Restaurant Online Ordering

  • And More