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It takes 10 seconds for someone to form a first impression from a brand logo. 77% of consumers make purchasing decisions because of the brand. (Crowdspring)

Each part of a brand’s design sends a message to its audience, either good or bad. From the colors to the content, we make sure your brand conveys the right message that correlates with the company and appeals to its target market. We create attractive visual aids and engaging content that stands out from the crowd so the audience will have a positive first impression that lasts.

What is Branding?

Branding is the entire customer experience on every level. It is a part of growing the company’s reputation. You must evaluate and define the brand and the message it conveys to its audience before designing begins. Some ways this happens is through the company’s missions and vision statements, business goals, and target market analysis. In Branding, defining the way the brand resonates and appeals to the target market is at the forefront.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design helps your business stand out and communicates the message of the brand to its target market via the creation of content and visual aids. In Graphic Design, design and aesthetic are at the forefront.

  • Logo Design

  • Brand/Mood Boards

  • Social Media Graphics

  • Brochures, Business Cards, etc.

  • PDF/Document Design

  • Infographics

Graphic Design and Branding are separate but together become part of a thriving marketing strategy. When customer experience and brand design work together, it paves the path for success.