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The Value of Color

Did you know that certain colors provoke an emotion, thought, or perception? The color you choose for your brand affects the audience's perception of the company. Here are some insights and tips on color choices. Take the first step by requesting a free quote.


Positive: vibrancy, bold, power, urgency, stimulates appetite.

Negative: anger, aggression, pain, hot, warning/danger.

Tip: Think about what types of clients or customers you want the company to attract, if the positives outway the negatives, and if the color theme goes well with the brand. Then choose the best shade to match your identity and correspond the main/central color with secondary colors to bring everything together well and stand out appropriately.


Positive: positive, warmth, energy, courage, earthy (Autumn), adventurous.

Negative: frustration, immature, cheap.

Tip: Orange is known as an unpopular color, most people will say they do not like orange. However, this color is great for companies that want to promote warmth, adventure, and an earthy vibe.


Positive: happiness, joy, light, intelligent, outgoing, youth.

Negative: caution, fear, dirty (some shades of yellow), irrational.

Tip: When choosing yellow for your brand, make sure it is a shade that best attracts people. Some shades of yellow lean on the green side while others can lean on the brown side.


Positive: earth, hope, clean, fresh, vibrant, life, growth, success, strength.

Negative: jealous, envy, bland.

Tip: Green is a great choice for healthy companies that have clean ingredients or promote healthy lifestyles. Green is also a great choice for lawn care, financial industries, and non-profit organizations.


Positive: calm, trust, integrity, fresh, peaceful, logical, dependable, wisdom, strength.

Negative: suppresses appetite, cold, unfriendly, emotionless.

Tip: Blue is best for companies that want to promote loyalty and trust to their clients/customers. Blue is a great color to use because no matter the shade you choose they are all "attractive" colors. From deep blues, lights blues, purply blues, and sky blues there are endless choices to consider.


Positive: wisdom, royalty/wealth, spiritual, sophistication, imaginations, reflection.

Negative: excess, moody.

Tip: Purple is a favorite color of men and women. This is a great color to choose if you are a religious organization or want to promote wisdom and wealth.


Positive: friendly, outgoing, passionate, imaginative, caring, hope.

Negative: rebellious, feminine, impulsive.

Tip: While pink is mainly viewed as a feminine color, it is a great choice for non-profit organizations, spas, nail salons, and passionate companies.


Positive: pure, innocent, clean, simplistic, minimalistic, organized.

Negative: sterile, plain, boring, empty, lazy.

Tip: With the right design and color theme, white is a great color for any company! You can have points of color throughout to show off key information. White is a timeless color choice.


Positive: Sophistication, bold, power, authority, elegance, luxury.

Negative: oppression, depression, coldness, evil, mourning, heavy.

Tip: Black is a great color to choose if you are in the fashion, automobile, or tech industry. It gives the vibe of being luxurious and sophisticated while promoting boldness and power. Black is another timeless color choice.


There are a variety of colors to choose from and many variations. The most important thing to remember is the color will affect how your brand is perceived, so think it over and analyze which color is the best match for your brand. Next, make sure your secondary colors are compatible with the main color so the brand as a whole is attractive and captivating to the target market. At Carina Media, we work to help your company shine bright and continue to grow. Let us illuminate your brand and take it to new heights! Contact us today for a free quote.

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