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Does Font Really Matter?

When creating or redesigning your brand, other than color, choosing the font is one of the first design features implemented. With over a thousand different fonts to choose from does it really matter which one you pick? Below are three important factors regarding fonts. Take the first step by requesting a free quote.


The two main uses of your font are for customers/clients to be able to easily read and for your brand to be positively recognized. If you have a tiny font or a fancy cursive font, the majority of people may leave your website because it is too difficult to read and understand. There are user-friendly rules in design: 1) optimization: is the font optimized well for users to like and the Internet to positively identify; 2) size: is the font large enough for readability but not too large to distract or cause aggravation; 3) color: is the font easy to read and clear to see the important messages or points.

Also, if you use a unique font that is not recognized across popular browsers, then that unique font will be changed or sometimes show up erroneously. There are ways to use non-web-friendly fonts appropriately while still being user-friendly. It is our job to make sure you get a font that you love while also being user and web-friendly.

Some user-friendly & web-friendly fonts include Arial, Times New Roman, Georgia, Comic Sans, Verdana, Open Sans, Roboto, Helvetica, Montserrat.


After narrowing the list to maybe over a hundred different user-friendly fonts to choose from, it is now time to see which one is best for your brand. Which font relates to the theme or mission that will stand out but also captivate the audience? If a technology company uses a fancy cursive font, it does not relate well to the clean, crisp, advanced, edgy products. In this case, the technology company needs a more straight, sharp font to go with the innovated products. Another example is if a sports car company uses a light, swirly, and airy font, it is completely opposite to the brand and therefore relays a confusing message to the audience. The sports car company needs a sleek, slightly curved font that conveys a steel feeling rather than a feathery feeling. It is important to think about what message you want to bring across to others and which font best lines up with your theme. Having problems knowing which font works best with your business? That is where a Marketing Agency comes in, we handle the design and marketing for you and help with the planning, creating, and implementing phases.


Now that you have your font picked out and are pleased with the decision you may think you're finished with the font choices, but not yet! Having your central/primary font is great but you also need a secondary font for descriptions, paragraphs, etc that compliments your primary font well but brings diversity to the company to attract and engage with viewers. Use your primary font for headings, and the secondary font for your main verbiage, this will harmonize and allow the design to all come together well. Not all fonts are a match, you need to see which font will go well with your primary font while bringing a unique appearance so the verbiage stands out instead of running together.


By hiring a professional Marketing Agency, your brand is able to reach the audience in an effective manner. From the idea phase to the implementing phase, we handle all the complicated choices and bring you only the best options to choose from. We take the stress off your shoulders and allow your business to be built on a firm foundation and continue to grow. Contact us today for a free quote.

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