Last Revised: August 24, 2020

The Carina Media, LLC Disclaimers constitute a binding and enforceable legal contract between Carina Media, LLC (hereinafter referred to as: “Carina Media”, “us” or “we”) and you in relation to the use of any Carina Media Services.

The completed website will be included on Carina Media’s design portfolio. For advertising purposes your website may be featured, a short bio and link may be given about your company and used in our marketing; this may happen at various times. Carina Media, LLC is listed as the site creator on copyright in the footer with a link to our website. If changing the design or need design changes there will be an additional fee. If needing photography, the fee is based on mileage and time, amount of photos is also taken into consideration. All websites designed by Carina Media are also maintained by Carina Media

TRANSFERRING WEBSITE: Notify us by email with a written explanation of the request. The transfer process will start within 72 hours from receipt of a written request.

The website hosting and domain are yearly, 2-year, or 3-year services, depending on the plan chosen. Payment is due one month in advance due to connection and Internet functionality.

TRANSFERRING HOSTING AND/OR DOMAIN: Notify us by email with a written explanation of the request. The transfer process will start within 72 hours from receipt of a written request and may take up to ten business days to complete the transfer.

Payment is due three business days before the first of each month if paying by check or cash; payment is due the first of each month if paying by credit card. A monthly basic website maintenance fee will be automatically included each month for websites designed by Carina Media unless pay on an as-needed basis is requested. If paying website maintenance as needed, the fee is per hour, website monitoring is not included, and updates to features will only happen upon request.

Payment is due three business days before the first of each month if paying by check or cash; payment is due the first of each month if paying by credit card.

For Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing, payment is due five business days before the first of each month if paying by check or cash; payment is due the first of each month if paying by credit card. Content/information for social media posts must be sent no later than two business days prior to needing it posted. Sending us bulk information is preferred in order to adequately design and schedule quality posts consistently. For Graphic Design services, payment is due before the final product is handed over.

CANCELING SERVICE(S): See “Canceling a Service(s)” section. Any scheduled social media posts or emails seven days after the cancellation date will be terminated.

Payment is due at the time of the appointment. If needing to reschedule, notify us within 24 hours before the appointment. If needing to cancel, notify us within 48 hours before the appointment.

All fees shall be deemed to be in U.S. Dollars. Carina Media reserves the right to change its fees at any time, upon notice to you if such change may affect your existing service(s). If you received a discount or other promotional offer, Carina Media shall have the right to automatically and without notice renew your service(s) at the full applicable fee. Price changes to monthly services will be implemented on the following month’s invoice. Monthly fees are subject to change based on time, features requested, and changes to the service. Invoices will be based on prices in effect at the time the service is requested. Quotes are valid for 30 days.

If payment is late more than 10 business days you will be charged a late fee of $25 and services will stop until full payment is received.

A 4% convenience fee is added to the total if paying by credit card/online.

Upon acceptance by you, Carina Media will perform the service(s) described in the quote. Any additional service(s) requested by you and not covered by the quote will incur additional charges.

Changes in the specifications, schedule, or other aspects of the service(s) that are requested or approved by you do not become binding upon Carina Media unless accepted by Carina Media in writing. Any such changes may result in additional or increased charges, and you agree to pay such increased charges.

You have full and final responsibility for proof approval. By approving the proof for the subject piece, you accept and approve the format, layout, color, copy, type, spelling, text and content of the piece, and accept responsibility for any errors or omissions therein. You will not hold Carina Media responsible or liable for any costs, expenses, or other damages resulting from errors or omissions contained in the approved proof, or from your failure to timely approve any proofs.

Unless otherwise stated in the quote, you will timely supply all artwork, images, type, copy, film, and other materials required for the services. All materials must be submitted in the required format; if we are required to convert to the proper format, you will be charged for the conversion. You represent and warrant to Carina Media that: (a) you have all required copyrights, licenses, and permissions to use the materials supplied by you; and (b) the materials supplied by you do not contain any matters that are illegal, libelous, slanderous, or scandalous, or which threaten any person’s right to privacy. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Carina Media and its employees from any and all third-party claims, whether for copyright infringement, invasion of privacy or otherwise, arising out of such materials.

CANCELING A SERVICE(S): Send an email with the service(s) you are canceling, the desired cancellation date, and a brief explanation. We will terminate the contract and stop the service upon the agreed cancellation date. If no date is given for Digitial Marketing, we will terminate the service(s) immediately.

You authorize Carina Media to list you as a client on our website and on any other internal and external promotional materials and communications.

Carina Media is not responsible for any negative feedback regarding your product or service.

Carina Media has the right to terminate an agreement/contract without a refund: 1) If payment is late 15 business days; 2) If payment is late more than two times within a year; 3) For any reason with 30 days advance written notice effective as of the expiration of the notice period.


Websites and designs that are created by Carina Media are subject to copyright and may only be used with written permission from Carina Media.

Any information provided by Carina Media is not legal advice with respect to any laws or requirements applicable to your business or service and you should not rely upon it as such. We recommend that you seek professional legal advice to understand and to prepare for possible requirements for your business.