Carina Portrait

Meet the Owner

Hi, my name is Carina, and I started Carina Media to help businesses with their online presence, from growth to enhancing brand perception via quality, eye-catching design and functionality. We focus on establishing professional and brand-centered designs that build and improve the foundation for long-term growth.

Our Story

Carina Media was founded by Carina Wright in 2019. From the start, we have been dedicated to providing superior design, high-quality craftsmanship, and an exceptional customer experience. As your design partner, we love to help you succeed and also help you grow beyond what you can do on your own. Whether you need branding, marketing materials, or top-notch designs, our team will help make it happen!

About Our Logo and Name

The Carina Constellation is known to be the birthplace of stars and consists of many clusters, hosting some of the brightest stars known to us. Our mission is to help businesses grow and shine brightly, illuminating brands to stand apart from the crowd. We use blue since blue stars are the hottest and brightest; it conveys a sense of integrity and confidence and stimulates productivity, qualities we aim to embrace in our projects and work environment.

The Process



We meet via video or phone call to learn more about your business and goals. We will work on a personalized proposal for you to review. Once the proposal is approved, we will email you the quote with the services chosen and the deposit due.

Businesswoman on Phone
Virtual Team Meeting

Are We A Good Fit?

  • You Are Clear:

about your goals, needs, and the vision, voice, and target audience of your organization

  • You Have A Budget:

and are willing to hire experts as needed (such as a copywriter)

  • You Realize The Benefit:

of hiring us for your design/marketing needs to free up your team to work on other business aspects/tasks

  • You Have The Time to Communicate:

and provide constructive feedback

  • You Are Ready:

to work together, invest in your business, and implement our advice

Not Right Now...

  • You Are Just Starting Out:

and will be handling things yourself

  • You Just Came Up With The Idea:

and have not figured out all of the details

  • You Want The Cheapest Service:

and do not see the value of hiring experts to handle your design/marketing needs

  • You Are In A Rush

to get things completed ASAP

  • You Need To Put Your Assets Together:

such as copy and photos

It seems you need more time to decide what you are looking for. A well-organized plan, clear vision for your brand, and budget for your objectives are some of the key aspects of design/marketing services moving forward positively, effectively, and in a timely manner.